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PG 70 Artificial Lawn Grass

Purchase Green’s PG 70 Artificial Lawn Grass is one of the best values on the market. A tremendous balance between aesthetics & price. It is designed for the residential homeowner looking for a beautiful, plush, artificial grass solution and for the commercial landowner looking for a light to medium traffic solution. In a commercial application it is an excellent choice for street medians – giving your community a high end, plush aesthetic without the premium price normally paid for heavy traffic applications (after all – how many people actually walk on street medians!). It is an excellent choice for those medium traffic areas and for the customer that prefers a taller, thicker artificial grass product but doesn’t want to budget for the commercial grade artificial grasses. It has a very natural look – similar to late season winter rye. It is a tremendous value product – an ideal balance of aesthetics and price. Our PG 70 Artificial Lawn Grass is a spring bi-color grass with a green and brown thatch as well as one of the best artificial grass for lawns available.

Installed for – $7.95/ Sq.Ft.

Additional info
TrafficLow & Medium
ProfileFlat Shape
Medium Feel
Medium Sheen
Tempperature ControlStandard
ColorSpring bicolor with green/tan thatch
MaterialsFlat polyethylene fiber with polypropylene thatch
Roll Width15'
Infill Per Sq Ft1 - 2 lbs.
Pile Height1.8” (45 mm)
Gauge3/8 in.
Face Weight70 oz.
BackingTriple-layer primary
32 oz. latex secondary


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